PRAŽUVUSI (2019) / The Perished
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08 Bal. 2020

PRAŽUVUSI (2019) / The Perished

  • Trukmė:1h 28min
  • Režisavo:Paddy Murphy
  • Aktoriai:Lisa Tyrrell, Conor Lambert, Fiach Kunz, Paul Fitzgerald
  • Kalba:Anglų
Dealing with a pregnancy termination in Ireland has been hard for Sarah Dekker. Shunned by her religious zealot family and after also breaking up with her unforgiving boyfriend, she travels to a sympathetic friend's house in the country to recover. But unbeknownst to her the provincial pile sits atop a mass grave of unwanted babies and their lost, confused spirits want to be reborn. Feeding on guilt and remorse the spirits need a mother. And they just might have found one in Sarah.
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Balsai: 60
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